Ethos and Vision

The Catholic Church acknowledges parents/carers as the first teachers of their child(ren) and strives to support them in their privileged responsibility of educating their child(ren) in the faith.  In the words of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory, the outcome of Catholic religious education “is religiously literate young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills  -  appropriate to their age and capacity  -  to think spiritually, ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.”

The Church’s mission is seen to be a religious one and by that very fact an eminently human one.  St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School provides an experience of a living and worshipping community in which there is a commitment to service, and in this way contributes to the entry of its members into the full life of the Church.

At St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School, and in accordance with the Department for Education, education is believed to be the route to

  • “spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical and mental development, and thus the well-being, of the individual…
  • equality of opportunity for all, a healthy and just democracy, a productive economy, and sustainable development.”

It reaffirms our commitment to valuing ourselves, our families and other relationships, the wider groups to which we belong, the diversity in our society and the environment in which we live.         

We aim:

  • to be a celebrating community, living the Gospel values.
  • to provide an enriching and educational experience which strives for excellence and enjoyment.
  • to journey together in partnership.

Our objectives:

To be a celebrating community, living the Gospel values

To achieve this aim we:

  • put Christ at the centre and integrate Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church into every aspect of our school life and work.
  • have a shared vision and common values.
  • uphold the dignity and value of each person as a unique individual, made in the image of Christ.
  • respect difference and value diversity.
  • promote and model conduct and behaviour rooted in the teaching of Christ.
  • deliver the ‘Come and See’ Religious Education Programme.
  • ensure that acts of Collective Worship, prayer and liturgical celebrations are an integral part of the teaching and learning.
  • devise and implement policies and procedures that reflect and express the Catholic faith, which demonstrate personal responsibility, justice, healing and reconciliation.
  • display symbols and religious icons to enable everyone to experience the uniqueness and sacredness of the learning environment.

To provide an enriching and educational experience which strives for excellence and enjoyment

To achieve this aim we:

  • provide a Christian, structured, broad, balanced, inclusive, appropriate, exciting, quality curriculum and extra-curricular programme, to empower all members of the school community to reach their full human potential.
  • promote a positive, affirmative ethos.
  • nurture the well-being of every individual and enable them to serve society.
  • consider Religious Education to be the core subject and integrate it into all other curriculum areas.
  • ensure that Religious Education is well resourced and allocated 10% of curriculum time.
  • sustain a learning environment that is unique, accessible, safe, stimulating and well maintained.
  • teach respect and care for God’s creation.
  • engage positively and collaboratively with individuals, schools, services, agencies and with changes and developments in education.

To journey together in partnership

To achieve this aim we:

  • form part of the spiritual, pastoral and community life of the Parish, Diocese and Church.
  • involve the clergy and religious in the work of the school.
  • support the local Parish and the Church’s universal mission to make God known to all peoples.
  • assist parents/carers in the education and religious formation of their children.
  • collaborate with other schools, professionals, services and agencies to meet the needs of the children and their families.
  • encourage citizenship, communal responsibility and commitment to social justice.
  • promote community cohesion by understanding and respecting different races, cultures and faiths.
  • care for and maintain the environment as stewards of creation.
  • endorse fundraising projects locally, nationally and internationally.
  • serve the common good.


St. Bede's Catholic Junior School celebrates life and learning

Celebrate life and learning: Feel secure.  You are protected and looked after and you belong to a family: the St. Bede’s Family

Celebrate life and learning: Christian values are celebrated. Our School Expectations are: RESPECT, LOVE and ACHIEVE. You are encouraged to be respectful and polite; loving and kind as well as being encouraged to try your best and help others.  You learn about the life of Jesus and are encouraged to keep his light burning brightly in your hearts!

Celebrate life and learning: Emotional and spiritual well-being is nurtured.  If you feel sad, worried or lonely, you can share your feelings with someone.  

Celebrate life and learning: Lifelong learning is at the heart of the community. You are taught to have a positive attitude to learning. Remember: You are a child of God who Respects, Loves and Achieves. 

Celebrate life and learning: Talents and achievements are supported and celebrated. Your talents are shared with others and they celebrate in your success.

Celebrate life and learning: Everyone is treated equally. We are all created in God’s image.  

Celebrate life and learning: Learn in a stimulating environment. There are interesting displays for you to contribute to.  You also have your own space to celebrate your learning. Caring and looking after your school is important and encouraged.

Celebrate life and learning: Be inspired to be the best you can be.  Achieve more and do your very best all the time; work hard and don't give up.


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